Biome Cardiovascular Solution Helps Clients Increase the Availability of Ventilator Time

Biome, the leading cardiovascular performance solution provider, announces client success decreasing extended ventilator times by 44%, with no impact to patient outcomes. 

Partner News | Published: Friday, March 20, 2020 3:00 pm

Biome, the leading cardiovascular performance solution provider announces client success in increasing ventilator availability.  Biome’s Performance Assessment Engine™ has been implemented by leading health systems. The solution showed opportunities to optimize ventilator utilization and make 1000s of hours of vent time available from cardiovascular service lines.  One of Biome’s enterprise clients reduced the amount of time post-isolated CABG patients spent on a ventilator by 44%.  Designed to help cardiovascular service lines significantly improve financial and clinical performance, best-in-class teams use the Biome solution daily.

Maximizing Effective Ventilator Use

Biome’s cardiovascular platform moves beyond problem identification and provided physicians and clinical leadership with unprecedented insight into their root cause performance drivers.  The Biome Assessment Engine found potentially unnecessary ventilator utilization among low risk cases driven by resource allocation gaps, not patient need.  With this data cardiac surgeons, nurses, respiratory therapists, and intensivists align on process improvement, reduce patient complication risks and costs, and improve STS quality reporting results. 

Quantifying Value with Precision

The Biome solution uncovers, by patient risk cohort, unnecessary costs and directs care teams to quality improvement opportunities using data from the point-of-care.  Biome’s Knowledge Network™ of over 2000 cardiovascular-specific performance measures augments physician decision-making.  Using Biome, physicians uncovered hundreds of hours of unnecessary ventilator use, which resulted in the adoption of improved ventilator utilization processes and an overall increase in ventilator capacity.

This follows the first major product release for Biome in 2020, with the advanced heart failure module; minor releases are continuous across all clients.  Client organizations are reporting that Biome delivers actionable information within weeks and adoption requires no net-new effort.  To learn more about how hospital systems are using Biome’s cardiovascular performance solution, visit:


Biome is the leading cardiovascular performance company dedicated to helping doctors and health systems deliver the best care, to the most patients, at the lowest cost.   Biome partners with ambitious enterprise heart centers and cardiovascular teams looking to achieve superior clinical and financial performance. Clients rely on Biome’s proprietary machine learning, human enabled technology, and Biome’s community-driven Knowledge Network™ to activate their data assets, engage physicians, and accelerate performance improvement.  Within days of onboarding, clients gain actionable insights with minimal impact on IT resources.  Based in San Francisco, with offices in Chicago and New York, the UCSF Digital Health awards recognized Biome as a “Top 10 Best Patient Cost Savings” solution. 

Contact: Kate McGinley, Senior Vice President, Marketing
Phone: 412.874.4291



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