MedAxiom Industry Partner Solutions to Help Navigate COVID-19

Partner News | Published: Wednesday, April 22, 2020

The COVID-19 outbreak has escalated the need for innovative solutions to ensure high quality CV care can continue to be delivered to patients during this global pandemic. As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, telehealth and virtual care delivery have emerged as invaluable tools for ensuring continuity of care.

Responding to the COVID-19 emergency, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on March 17 issued telehealth expansion of physician services to allow clinicians to both care for patients who may be infected with COVID-19 and to exercise caution with all patients by keeping people out of waiting rooms where they may be exposed to the virus.

MedAxiom has compiled a list of telehealth/virtual solutions, screening tools and other resources from our industry partners and acquaintances to help arm CV organizations with tools for success in the face of COVID-19. If you reach out to one of these organizations, please let them know that you’re a MedAxiom member.

Check back frequently as this list will grow with all newly added resources listed first.


  • Geneva Health Solutions offers COVID-19 Rapid Response Solutions for your device clinic. If you have any questions regarding your solution needs, please reach out to Geneva Health Solutions here, or contact Deb Halligan, VP of Clinical Operations at
  • pMD sees record telemedicine adoption during COVID-19 outbreak. Download pMD's telehealth toolkit and COVID-19 case management.
  • BioTel Heart Report: Inpatient Use of Mobile Continuous Telemetry For COVID-19 Patients Treated with Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin. To immediately begin prescribing BioTel Heart MCOT™ service to your COVID-19 patients and learn more about the program, view the press release or contact BioTelemetry at or call 866-426-4402.
  • AstraZeneca Sponsors Vidscrip COVID-19 Communications for Organizations. For more information and to get started, you can visit or text “COVIDAZUS” to 73771.
  • RxVantage adds Hassle-Free Video Conferencing for Medical Practices and Life Science Experts. For more information, and to get started on RxVantage's no-cost online platform, please contact RxVantage at (866) 464-2157 or go to

  • Sharecare launches HIPAA-Compliant platform, Sharecare Telehealth powered by Updox, to enable providers In U.S. with telehealth. This solution instantly enables providers, practices and health systems of all sizes to care for their patients remotely and is free through September 1, 2020. For more information about Sharecare Telehealth, visit
  • As a flexible human solution, MDabstract is available to assist in areas where clinical documentation and staffing gaps have developed as a result of the move to virtual visits. For more information, call Kristi Payne: 904.226.2384 or Amanda Skinner: 904.338.6942.
  • Moonlighting Solutions Remains Fully Operational to Provide Onsite and Virtual Physician Coverage throughout COVID-19 Pandemic. Click here to learn more and contact Mike Guenther directly to discuss your urgent staffing needs and to schedule physicians who are ready to work as soon as possible: (908) 783-0678.

  • NextGen Healthcare Helps Clients Navigate New Interoperability Regulations. Additional resources can be found in the NextGen Resource Library.
  • ScImage: Your Partner in Telemedicine. Contact us at or visit us online at to learn how we can help your organization stay connected.  


  • pMD®'s Secure Messaging™ and Video Chat functionality can support your practice when it comes to reliable, time-sensitive patient communication and remote care delivery. Cardiology groups using pMD are able to securely video or voice call with colleagues treating patients in a healthcare facility or directly with a patient to conduct a routine visit or other E&M services. Learn more. For more information, contact Ryan Sciacca at or 1.800.587.4989 x6004.
  • ChronicCareIQ has specific features and protocols that will enable your staff to screen new and existing visits to keep COVID-19 out of the waiting room, launch and perform e-visits/telemedicine from directly within ChronicCareIQ, enhance patient communications and maintain staff productivity. Learn more. For more information, contact Brendan McCauley at bmcauley@chroniccareiq.comor (917) 992-1443. 
  • BioTelemetry expands MCOT™ service to monitor life-threating QT prolongation in COVID-19 patients.
  • Moonlighting Solutions provides staffing support for telehealth programs (and traditional programs). For more info, contact Mike Guenther at or 908.783.0678.
  • Biome’s Performance Assessment Engine™ shows opportunities to optimize ventilator utilization and make 1000s of hours of vent time available from cardiovascular service lines. Learn more. For more information, contact Kate McGinley at or (412) 874-4291.
  • RxVantage’s no-cost online platform helps medical practices connect with their life science rep and automate new protocol guidance communications to all practice locations ensuring everyone has the most accurate information. Learn more. Download a COVID-19 Vendor/Rep Visitation Protocol that can be customized to your organization. For more information, contact Jeremy Gilman at (310) 802-1258 or
  • Preventice is launching a virtual cardiac rehab offering. For more information, contact Todd Rozas at or (512) 773-8677.
  • MDabstract’s remote manual abstraction and discrete data services allows telehealth patients to be properly “prepped” so clinicians have the EHR data they need.
  • CardioFlux has emerged as a potential solution for overwhelmed chest pain triage inefficiencies. To learn how CardioFlux could be leveraged at your facility, please contact John Hart, VP of Global Commercial Operations,
  • BetterConsult is offering MedAxiom members free 3-month utilization of their software for pre-screening purposes. Learn more. For more information, contact Chris Barakat at or (832) 849-5593.
  • InTouch Health provides an enterprise virtual care platform. Learn more.

Visit the MedAxiom COVID-19 Resources for CV Organizations page for the latest information and resources.

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