Partner News | Published: Thursday, April 23, 2020

COVID-19 is pushing the rapid adoption of virtual visits and telemedicine connectivity in order to treat both new and existing patients.  It is vital that providers have historical health information for each visit to quick identify underlying comorbidities as well as share critical data needed for the diagnosis and treatment of this virus.

As a flexible human solution, MDabstract is available to assist in areas where clinical documentation and staffing gaps have developed as a result of the move to virtual visits. Below are a few questions we have received from systems looking to MDabstract’s services to adapt to telemedicine and ensure they can still deliver and bill for patient care.

Clinic: Our clinic has never utilized virtual visits before now. Do you help with patient intake and platform setup?

YES! Our trained medical abstractors can speak with each patient, new or established, to ensure their current medical histories are up to date and discretely entered in your EHR system and then walk them through the process of connecting to the telehealth platform so they are fully prepped for the provider.

Clinic: Can you help prepare our providers for virtual visits?

YES! MDabstract can assist providers, accustomed to having at the elbow support within the clinical setting, in preparing each EHR chart for the telehealth visit and ensuring all clinical data is captured properly to facilitate clinical documentation and billing processes.

Clinic: Can you help our clinic provide expanded service hours?

YES! MDabstract’s remote workforce has trained clinical abstractors that can provide services outside normal clinic hours. These flexible hours can help providers see additional patient volume each day without incurring overtime costs from their internal resources.

Clinic: Due to COVID-19 many of our support staff are out due to illness or lack of childcare, can you provide staff augmentation services?

YES! MDabstract is an expert at working remotely to fill staffing gaps for our clients. With just a few more details we can develop a customized process to meet your needs and keep your clinical processes moving forward so providers have the information to complete but virtual or face-to-face visits.

Telemedicine Patient Preparation Process:

With MDabstract’s flexible, remote manual abstraction and discrete data services, telemedicine patients can be properly “prepped” so clinicians have the EHR data they need at their fingertips for each visit. 

Telehealth Patient Prep:

  • Accurately prepare telehealth visits by ensuring needed medical problems, histories and medications are discretely entered into the EHR system from either patient provided or legacy data source information
  • Remote assistance with telehealth phone pre-screening to query patient current symptoms, ready the patient for the virtual platform, and begin the EHR encounter prior to the virtual visit
  • Daily flexible support to triage patient priority utilizing lists for patients added to a normal schedule or a separate Telehealth Clinic
  • Augmentation of internal resources with trained clinical abstractors to expand service hours to include night and weekend availability


HOW DO I GET STARTED? Contact us here or call Kristi Payne: 904.226.2384 or Amanda Skinner: 904.338.6942 directly so we can immediately customize a plan to meet your organizations telehealth needs.



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