Physician-Hospital Alignment Still Eludes Many Integrated Programs

The foundational attributes required for aligning a cardiovascular program.

News | Published: Monday, April 27, 2020 6:00 am

Cardiac Interventions Today article authored by Joel Sauer, Executive Vice President MedAxiom Consulting and Terri McDonald, Vice President MedAxiom Consulting.

MedAxiom regularly polls top cardiovascular (CV) leaders from across the country to identify their “top-of-mind” priorities. Although health care change is moving at a rapid pace, the most pressing issues have remained somewhat stagnant for the last few years, with physician-hospital alignment models and strategies consistently ranking in the top three. This despite years of experience with the integrated model; already by 2012 more than half of CV physicians were employed or leased. Although the rate of integration from private practice has certainly slowed, the percentage of CV physicians integrated with a hospital or health system has now climbed past 80%.

If alignment is eluding your program, take an inventory of the foundational attributes we’ve described. Each attribute relies on the successful implementation of the one preceding it. Keep in mind, the work starts with a unified vision and then a functional leadership structure, which inherently requires trust. Don’t skip these steps; they’re just too important.

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