New Case Study Shows Optimal Use of APPs Can Contribute Significantly to COVID-19 Financial Recovery

News | Published: Thursday, June 18, 2020 9:30 am

COVID-19 has drastically impacted clinicians’ roles and their practice settings, shifting the way care is being delivered. As hospitals and health systems now plan for post-pandemic care, organizations will need to make financial and operational adjustments to adapt to the new normal. A recent Healthcare Financial Management Association case study shows that optimizing the use of advanced practice providers (APPs) can yield millions in increased revenue and operating margin opportunities – which can assist in a successful recovery from COVID-19.

Prior to the pandemic, organizations were beginning to prioritize the optimization of APPs to enhance access and improve care. According to the case study, more than 78% of organizations plan to redeploy APPs to front-line specialties due to staffing shortages in critical departments in response to COVID-19. This trend illustrates the valuable role this workforce can play in achieving care delivery goals in times of crisis. Additionally, it shows when leveraged effectively, APPs can provide a considerable ROI in the form of additional operating margins from existing resources without the added expense.

Access the full case study for more information on developing and implementing an APP workforce strategy.

For educational resources on optimizing your organization’s APP workforce please visit the MedAxiom Cardiovascular Advanced Practice Providers Essential Education Series and Cardiovascular Acute Care Essential Education Series. MedAxiom will also publish findings from our recent APP utilization survey in the coming weeks.