When It Comes to Open-Door Access, Culture Matters

A proper foundation is necessary for access improvement efforts to be successful.

News | Published: Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Cardiac Interventions Today article authored by Joel Sauer, Executive Vice President MedAxiom Consulting andGinger Biesbrock, Senior Vice President MedAxiom Consulting.

Year after year, access is one of the top concerns we hear from cardiovascular (CV) programs and practices across the country. Certainly, it is a problem that is not easy to solve given the complex number of factors: clinically complicated patients, provider capacity, multifaceted scheduling protocols, the need for clinical protocol standardization, relative value unit targets, lean staffing, and antiquated phone systems, to name just a few.

Achieving success requires a coordinated effort and strong dyad leadership from physicians and administrators. It also requires an empowered, team-based care model, an unwavering focus on patient-centricity, and effective performance management. Such shifts require a long-term commitment from leadership and physicians and a mindset shift for everyone in the organization.

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