ScImage Founder/CEO Reflects on 2020

Company poised for robust Cloud growth in 2021

Partner News | Published: Tuesday, January 12, 2021

ScImage, Inc., a leading provider of Enterprise Imaging solutions, announces significant expansion of deploying end-to-end diagnostic imaging workflows entirely in the Cloud for Cardiology, Vascular, Women’s Health, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology and Radiology. 2020’s healthcare environment forced the delivery of patient care in a virtual patient paradigm, highlighting the capabilities of ScImage’s PICOM365 Cloud solutions, including PACS, Structured Reporting, Image Exchange and Interoperability. 

When asked to reflect on 2020’s impact on the company and industry, Sai Raya, Ph.D., ScImage’s Founder and CEO, said, “With more than ten years of perfecting the utilization of Cloud for diagnostic imaging,’s Cloud native enterprise offering is an ideal solution to support providers and their patients during the pandemic and beyond. PICOM365 is a complete imaging suite offering the highest level of security for ubiquitous data access and has continually been endorsed by leading healthcare providers, substantiating the past several years’ growth momentum in private practice, tele-imaging, interoperability and individual hospital implementations.

One of our primary objectives is to understand different unique workflow requirements and architect the most optimal solutions, bringing efficiencies to operations of varying sizes. It is a privilege to work with forward-thinking partners like Lovelace Health, Digirad, Heart South, Cardiac Imaging, Heart and Vascular Wisconsin, Virginia Cardiology, Advent Health facilities, St. Louis Heart and Vascular, HCA PSG practices, Advantage Care Physicians, and University of Tennessee - to name a few - that have fully embraced the Cloud in their routine workflow.”

ScImage continued to expand its PICOM365 Cloud and hybrid offerings in 2020 to deliver users a true “pure Cloud” experience.  In addition to productivity enhancements with updated features for reading, reporting and workflow, ScImage expanded the capabilities of its PicomWeb zero footprint viewer to include Structured Reporting as well as media-less delivery of patient images to external entities, optimizing speed and performance.  Additionally, ScImage expanded seamless integration to best-of-breed third party post-processing solutions virtualized in the Cloud - including TomTec, TraumaCad, Cedars QXS and INVIA 4DM - to support anytime, anywhere access and diagnosis. All delivered with a security first prime directive.

“In 2020, ScImage signed agreements with significant healthcare systems who also recognize, and are actively embracing, PICOM365 Cloud and Hybrid architecture.  We are poised to move into 2021 with a renewed focus on a Cloud-centric approach to diagnostic imaging workflow, with a seasoned, talented workforce, and with optimism that this year will bring continued prosperity to our customers and partners,” concluded Dr. Raya. 




About ScImage

Founded in 1993, ScImage remains a private, customer-first company with a mission to provide innovative enterprise imaging solutions to the healthcare industry. ScImage’s unique single-database PICOM365 enterprise platform delivers end-to-end imaging workflow for Cardiology, Radiology, Women’s Health, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology and more. Scalable from a single physician practice to a multi-hospital enterprise, PICOM365 is customizable and can be delivered on-premise, in the Cloud, or as a hybrid. The perfect synchrony created between on-site and Cloud resources allows PICOM365 to provide secure VPN-less image exchange solutions among legacy silo systems, Cloud users, and various EHR systems. Learn more at