Access Even More Data With Ninety One

New features deliver more comprehensive information and analytics for optimal analysis and organizational management.

Partner News | Published: Monday, May 23, 2022

The Ninety One remote CIED patient monitoring platform redefines remote implantable device monitoring. Through its cloud-native software platform, Ninety One eliminates time consuming manual processes and paperwork by providing automated transfer, capture and reporting of remote & in-clinic interrogations. 

The latest version of the platform has introduced new and enhanced features to further optimize CIED patient analysis and management.

Access CardioMEMS Data

Ninety One now accepts CardioMEMS data, further simplifying the monitoring of your remote cardiac patients by integrating all of their device data into a single platform.

Advanced Analytics

Access powerful analytics for research and practice management with Ninety One's Analytics dashboard. Customizable analytics offers incredible insight into areas such as device data, patient data, organizational performance metrics.

Patient Vitals

You can now add wearables data into Ninety One, offering deeper insights into the daily habits of your patients for greater understanding.

Quickly Sort For ICD Shocks

Quickly sort and view patients who have experienced ICD shocks with a click of a button. Affected patients are displayed in the dashboard to allow for follow up.


Accurate, comprehensive, and simple. Let Ninety One propel your monitoring practice forward. To learn more or to request a demo, visit the Ninety One webpage.



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