MedAxiom Announces Industry Partnership with Agfa HealthCare

Agfa HealthCare’ Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology is creating a Unified Cardiology Ecosystem - ONE single workspace

Partner News | Published: Tuesday, September 27, 2022

MedAxiom, the cardiovascular community’s premier source for organizational performance solutions, is excited to announce its industry partnership with Agfa HealthCare, a leader in providing strategic guidance to help healthcare providers achieve clinical, operational, and business goals.

Agfa HealthCare offers Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology that integrates bi-directionally with the EMR and cardiovascular information system, exchanging key patient images and data. This offers a vision of the entire medical record, including on mobile devices. The unified Enterprise Imaging Platform is built to reduce complexity, improve productivity, and deliver value to providers, including MedAxiom members.

“The Agfa HealthCare platform provides a reliable, single, comprehensive Imaging Health Record, allowing clinical staff to spend less time managing data and more time where it matters most – focused on patient care,” said Joe Sasson, PhD, MedAxiom’s EVP of Ventures and Chief Commercial Officer. “The sharing of information interdepartmentally allows for true collaboration across physicians in different specialties and hospitals. This efficiency inherent to the Agfa HealthCare solution optimizes resource utilization while reducing complexity, errors, and costs, making it an invaluable tool for today’s healthcare provider organizations. We’re proud to welcome Agfa Healthcare to our community.”  

“We are excited to join MedAxiom and their strong community of cardiovascular professionals! MedAxiom will provide us with the right environment to generate constructive conversations with Cardiovascular leaders and experts,” said Lenny Reznik, Vice President Marketing, North America, Agfa HealthCare. “Through our extensive global experience with cardiology departments, we understand the hurdles that cardiologists face – such as navigating data siloes and having the ability to view, store, retrieve and analyze images, to report, share and collaborate, including whilst on the move.”

Agfa HealthCare helps to provide a true vision of the patient’s imaging and data records in a meaningful, and actionable way. Additionally, their Enterprise Imaging Platform addresses workflow needs by organizing tasks and assigning them to the correct specialists.  It further improves reporting by making it easy for cardiologists to deliver relevant, well-organized, and structured reports, as well as referral letters “out of the box.”

Reznik continued, “At Agfa HealthCare, we're focusing on allowing our users to access and view files no matter where they came from. With a truly comprehensive view of their patient, they’re able to spend more time looking at patient information—and less time searching for it, to do what they do best—help people. We are truly looking forward to contributing to the transformation of cardiovascular imaging!”


About MedAxiom

MedAxiom, an ACC Company, is the cardiovascular community’s premier source for organizational performance solutions. MedAxiom is transforming cardiovascular care by combining the knowledge and power of 450+ cardiovascular organization members, thousands of administrators, clinicians and coders and 40+ industry partners. Through the delivery of proprietary tools, smart data and proven strategies, MedAxiom helps cardiovascular organizations achieve the Quadruple Aim of better outcomes, lower costs, improved patient experience and improved clinician experience.
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About Agfa HealthCare

At Agfa HealthCare we support healthcare professionals in transforming the delivery of care through Imaging IT software solutions that enable secure, effective and sustainable imaging data management. We use our expertise as an innovator, our medical knowledge and our strategic guidance to help healthcare providers achieve their clinical, operational and business strategies.
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