LOCKED Nurse Triage – Added Value to your Care Team

2016 Webinar - Speakers: Ginger Biesbrock, Vice President, and Jenny Fanning, Consultant, MedAxiom Consulting. Incorporating a Nurse Triage function can improve your patient care and physician utilization: it provides effective facilitation of care between office visits, triage patient questions/symptoms changes, follow-up on diagnostics, and offload physician time from review of routine, normal results. Creating effective structure and specific roles/responsibilities (within scope and at top of licensure) are key to optimizing this important function. Watch this webinar to explore how to develop this important Nursing function for your clinic and for you care teams. We discuss appropriate roles, defined structure, policies, procedure and protocols incorporating a Lean Six Sigma approach. We also review the financial impact for your program and give you the pieces that you need to understand how this role can better manage your patient care and your provider utilization.

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