Reinventing Cardiovascular Care in Two Weeks: An Industry Adapts to a Pandemic

Healthcare as an industry is not known for its speed in making changes, instead being identified as steady and traditional. This is particularly true when considering the patient encounter or office visit; the experience today would largely mirror its corollary from 1980. However, when a worldwide pandemic came crashing down the U.S. provider community – in particular the cardiovascular community – responded in lightning speed. Within a matter of weeks, cardiovascular patient visits using telemedicine went from near zero to 75 percent. This is disruptive change that would make even a startup technology company proud. More importantly, it allowed critical patient care to continue and afforded providers a much-needed reduction in exposure. The reaction by the medical community thus far has been nothing short of heroic and provides a strong reason for optimism at a time when the world needs it most. 

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