Webinar Recording: Dynamics Driving the Accelerated Shift to Cardiac PET and PET-CT


  • Gary Heller, M.D.,Ph.D, Medical Advisor to MIS
  • Ronald Sher, M.D., F.A.C.C., Clinical Associates
  • Jerry Blackwell, M.D., MBA, F.A.C.C., President & CEO, MedAxiom

In this presentation we review some of the dynamics that are impacting the shift to Cardiac PET and PET/CT. Drs. Heller and Sher discuss the differences between dedicated PET and PET/CT and the benefits for cardiac MPI and patient care. Additionally, with the recent introduction of Myocardial Blood Flow (MBF) for clinical sites due to software and hardware availability, each review the benefits and the challenges of implementing a successful MBF program. Finally, there is a review of how Cardiac PET can be beneficial during the COVID pandemic. This webinar recording provides an excellent opportunity for those considering adding a cardiac PET program to their practice or those who are currently using cardiac PET and considering transitioning to PET/CT or adding MBF to their program.


Items available for download:

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