Webinar Recording: Supplementing Access to Cardiac Rehab Using a Virtual Platform


  • Amanda Xaysuda, Director, Strong Hearts Rehab Center, Arkansas Heart Hospital
  • Thomas Vidal, Director of Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation, Cardiovascular Institute of the South
  • Terry Rogers, President, Pritikin Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Terri McDonald, Vice President, MedAxiom Consulting

In this webinar recording we shed some light on how seamlessly you can integrate a virtual component into your current cardiac rehab (CR) program with lessons learned at two CR programs during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency. Panelists provide a high-level understanding of the use of a virtual platform for CR exercise & education sessions, identify key strategies needed and share more about the patient experience, outcomes and lessons learned to-date from CR personnel responsible for operationalizing the virtual service.


Items available for download:

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