LOCKED Webinar: The Link Between Protocol-Driven Clinics and Growth

2016 Webinar - Speakers: Ginger Biesbrock and Anne Beekman, MedAxiom Consulting. As we embark on population health strategies, we have seen the evolution of disease management clinics for heart failure, atrial fibrillation, syncope, and structural heart disease (just to name a few). The objective of these clinics is to promote evidence-based, best practice care that is physician-led and team-based. As we improve on our team-based care utilization, these clinics have the ability to promote growth through enhanced throughput, increased access and appropriate patient identification, all of which can set a program apart from its competition and offer a fantastic service to the community. Please join us as we explore these programs and how they can enhance the growth of your CVSL through patient volumes and appropriate care.

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