Webinar: 2019 CMS Proposed Fee Schedule - What does it mean for your ambulatory strategy?

Posted on: September 25, 2018

CMS recently published the 2019 Proposed Payment Schedule for Hospital Outpatient Services and Ambulatory Surgery Centers, which will be finalized in November, and go into effect January 1, 2019. In the CV space, we saw new coronary procedure codes proposed to be added to the ASC, and volatility in the MD office, and Ambulatory Surgery Center rates for PAD and fistula work. CMS responded to input from stakeholders that certain procedures that are outside the CPT surgical range, but that are similar to surgical procedures currently covered in an ASC setting, should be ASC covered surgical procedures. Based on this review, CMS is proposing to update the list of ASC covered surgical procedures by adding 12 cardiac catheterization procedures to the list for CY 2019. This webinar will review the above and help participants understand which rates are proposed to increase, and which rates are proposed to decrease in each site of service. We will also discuss the CMS process for valuing CPT codes.

About Our Speaker:
President of First Coast Cardiovascular Institute
Cardiac & Endovascular Interventions, Jacksonville, FL

As a co-founder of the national Save a Leg, Save a Life Foundation, he works with medical professionals, caregivers, and patients to prevent amputations in people afflicted with wounds and complications from diabetes and peripheral arterial disease. His foundation hosts national conferences and works with chapters nationally to improve patients’ quality of life. 
His commitment to excellence in healthcare has earned him the title “Health Care Hero” in 2009 by the Jacksonville Business Journal and honoree of the 2012 ONEJAX Humanitarian award. His enthusiasm for repairing even the most difficult cases without major bypass surgery, made him one of only a handful of accredited operators across the nation to proctor physicians in the rapidly evolving field of endovascular therapy. He is frequently lecturing nationally and internationally in the fields of cardiovascular medicine, amputation prevention, and endovascular medical innovation, and has trained many physicians across the nation.

Dr. Khatib received his medical training at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic, Loyola University in Chicago, the Indiana Heart Institute, and St. Vincent Hospital (Indianapolis, IN), where he had the privilege of working with some of the most renowned experts in the field of cardiovascular medicine. He then returned to Chicago for a dedicated period of six months of additional training in the endovascular management of peripheral vessels (i.e., legs, kidneys, aorta, arms, and head).

Dr. Khatib quickly established himself as one of the leading experts in the different treatment modalities of vascular disease. He has been very successful with endovascular non-surgical techniques, including opening obstructed leg vessels and sparing many patients dreadful amputations, thus attracting patients from neighboring states.