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    Artificial Intelligence for Cardiovascular Care - Dr. John Rumsfeld

    Artificial Intelligence continues to advance and to offer innovative ways of tracking cardiovascular patient data. Hear from John Rumsfeld, MD, Ph.D., FACC, Chief Innovation Officer for the American College of Cardiology, as he sits with Joseph Sasson, Ph.D., Executive Vice President of MedAxiom Ventures, to discuss these questions:

    1.What is AI, and what isn't AI?
    2.What are the misconceptions about AI in healthcare?
    3.What are some notable examples of success using AI in the CV space?
    4.What are some key barriers to successful AI applications for CV care?
    5.How would a typical CV program leverage the benefits of AI today, or is it too early to engage with AI?

    This episode was recorded at the CV Transforum Spring 2019 conference. For more information and to register for the CV Transforum Fall 2019 conference, visit