CV Transforum Fall 2019: Thought Leaders Convene to Tackle Challenges and Explore Practice Changing Innovations

Thursday, October 24, 2019 | Lori Walsh

After a dynamic day of speed dating between MedAxiom members and partners during Partner Pulse and pre-conference sessions on the hot topics of access and dyad leadership, CV Transforum Fall 2019 officially kicked off on Thursday in beautiful Dana Point, CA.

To open the conference, I took the stage to share how MedAxiom has grown since the last time the community was together in Amelia Island, FL, for the Spring conference. The MedAxiom community now includes more members (407) and partners (34) than ever, and there have been more than 80 consulting engagements so far this year.

Attendees “top of mind” survey results were revealed, spotlighting the leading concerns CV leaders are facing. Advanced practice provider utilization emerged as the top issue, followed by staffing/operational efficiencies; physician/hospital alignment models and strategies; telehealth (e-consults, remote patient follow-up, etc.); and physician compensation planning. Throughout the conference, sessions are designed to tackle these issues and more, arming attendees with best practices and solutions to take back to their organizations.                                                             

During the “State of Cardiology” session, MedAxiom President Dr. Jerry Blackwell and MedAxiom and ACC CEO Tim Attebery shared what’s ahead for the industry as well as the two organizations, which are working to transform care, together. Addressing the ever-changing healthcare landscape, Jerry underscored that MedAxiom, which was born out of the need to help organizations adapt to changing business models, must focus on adaptability versus efficiency in order to remain a leader in the CV industry.

Speaking of changing business models, Medically Home Co-Founder and CEO Richard Rakowski inspired the audience as he shared how patient care will move from the hospital to home, something that seemed impossible until recently. With the home care model finally gaining traction in the U.S., hospital at home programs are being incubated across the country. Given that cardiovascular issues are at the heart of most hospital visits, Richard noted that the CV industry has the potential to shape the future of the home hospital model.

Another trend that is in full swing is direct to employer contracts, agreements between a self-funded employer and a physician, facility or healthcare system. Dutch Rojas from Sano Surgery predicts that physician-led direct contract healthcare is the wave of the future and Lee Lewis from Health Transformation Alliance noted that upheaval in this space is coming so we must figure out how to surf the wave instead of being capsized by it.  

To close out Thursday’s sessions, Jim Daniel provided an update on recent legal and regulatory developments, including proposed changes to the Stark law, and MedAxiom’s Joel Sauer and Michael Stover from Somerset CPAs talked about the importance of taking a team approach to cardiology compensation.

One of the many unparalleled community networking opportunities is the CV Transforum group dinner, where attendees debriefed on the day’s sessions, discussed industry trends and enjoyed the view of the ocean from the grand lawn of the Monarch Beach Resort. It was a wonderful way to end a lively and engaging day!

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Illustration: Lee Sauer 

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