2022 MedAxcess Survey: Submit Data by March 14

By submitting your program's annual data, you will have access to in-depth analysis and insights to optimize and transform cardiovascular care in 2022 and beyond. 

New! Data submission changes for 2022:

  • We are now collecting patient panel separately for cardiology, cardiac surgery and vascular surgery.
  • There are provider type options for full-time and part-time advanced practice providers (APPs) and physicians based on FTE designation.
  • We have added new subspecialty options for physicians and APPs.

Submit your program's 2021 data by March 14 to receive a customized key indicator report before CV Transforum Spring'22 in April, where MedAxcess data trends will be presented.


MedAxiom members have exclusive access to MedAxcess, the cardiovascular industry’s leading business intelligence application and proprietary database powered by more than 20 years of data and over 800 metrics from key areas such as:

 Access and patient encounter volumes

 Care management

 Financials, staffing revenue and expenses

 Invasive testing and procedures

 Non-invasive diagnostic imaging

 Provider compensation and wRVU production

Via MedAxcess, MedAxiom collects data throughout the year from cardiovascular programs across the country, providing the membership community with key insights and trends needed to transform cardiovascular care.

Data Matter More Than Ever

The COVID pandemic has created a volatile healthcare environment, drastically impacting volumes, fundamentally changing how care is delivered and presenting significant financial challenges. On top of this, dramatic changes to the compliance laws governing physician/hospital alignment models have been implemented, along with substantiative changes to the physician fee schedule and coding areas. To thrive in the new normal, cardiovascular programs need access to accurate and actionable data, analysis and reports.As a MedAxiom member, not only do you have exclusive access to MedAxcess, the cardiovascular industry’s leading business intelligence application and proprietary database powered by more than 20 years of data and over 800 metrics, you also have the ability to advance the cardiovascular care by submitting your program’s data.


Use MedAxcess data and insights to shape your program's financial and operational strategies and transform cardiovascular care. Leverage the dynamic database throughout the year to:

Explore multiple data points using our newly re-organized database that groups measures more intuitively to make it easier to find what you are looking for

Drill down into the data using number of physicians and patient panel as denominators and compare data by practice size, subspecialty, ownership type and more

Understand the true impact of the pandemic on your program, including the effects of the shut down and your practice’s “come-back” rate in multiple measures compared to the MedAxiom community


Custom Annual Key Indicator Reports
help your practice: 

     Benchmark performance against other programs 

     Understand current trends for predicting future performance

     Evaluate efficiencies and identify improvement opportunities 

     Set goals for the upcoming year

to view a sample Key Indicator Report


TAKING THE DATA FULL-CIRCLE                                                                  


Submit Data through MedAxcess

Receive a Key Indicator Report with Benchmarking and Trending Data

Attend CV Transforum Spring Conference for in-Depth Analysis of Data

Participate in a Personalized Performance Review with Your MedAxiom Membership Liaison

Use the Cardiovascular Provider Compensation and Production Survey Report to Benchmark and Negotiate





Learn how to drill down into your data with MedAxcess Insights:



CLICK HERE to access the 2021 Cardiovascular Provider Compensation and Production Survey Report.