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Thursday, October 11, 2018 | Lori Walsh


The CV Transforum Fall’18 conference starts today and I am pleased to announce that we have record-breaking attendance numbers. There are a few reasons for this, but I believe chief among them is the absolute need to gather as a community to discuss our concerns, share challenges and explore areas of opportunity. It seems that healthcare becomes more complex and chaotic by the moment, and no one can afford to miss out on these crucial conversations. Whether we are in General Sessions, Breakouts, Pod groups or the hallways, everyone here is seeking to learn. Everyone who attends this conference is here because she/he knows that the only way to advance cardiovascular healthcare is by doing so together.

In addition to having record numbers attending, we are very excited to have an agenda that offers a lot of new topics. As always, we work to create an agenda that hits our major concerns including physician leadership, compensation, legal and legislative updates, reimbursement, operational efficiency and clinical innovations, etc. This fall we added a range of diverse topics such as Uber Health, Telemedicine and the Triad of Care. Our presenters are from large and small groups, private and integrated, from across the country. I hope you will take a moment to review the agenda and choose sessions that will be most helpful to you now. Also, on Friday, we will have three great educational spotlight lunches. Again—look at the agenda to select the best lunch session for you.

Below are the results of a very recent member survey we conducted to identify today’s most pressing issues. These surveys help us develop our conference agendas as well as MedAxiom webinars, journal articles and weekly blog posts. Please review this list and then let us know what we should add to it.


  • Staffing/Operational Efficiencies
  • Patient Experience
  • APP Utilization
  • Physician/Hospital Alignment Models & Strategies
  • Comprehensive CV Clinical Strategy
  • Reducing CV Cost of Care
  • Future Physician Leader Development
  • Physician Compensation Plan
  • Developing an Ambulatory Strategy (including OBLs and ASCs)
  • Implementing and Optimizing New Technology (including Remote Monitoring/Virtual Care, Wearable Devices and PET)
  • Recruitment/Workforce Planning
  • Implementing Alternative Payment Models
  • Revenue Cycle Reimbursement Capture
  • Determination of Outpatient Market Share

What is on your mind? As a member organization and a membership conference, MedAxiom wants and needs your input. Our planning of the next conference starts in just a few days. Again, let us know your thoughts on the topics we should we consider for spring. And, tell us about the programs and individuals should we consider to present. On behalf of the entire MedAxiom team, I look forward to spending the next few days with you to advance cardiovascular healthcare. We are all eager to talk with you and, most importantly, to listen.


Illustration: Lee Sauer


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Lori Walsh

With an obvious passion for what she does, Lori has worked in healthcare for nearly 20 years, including nine years as the Director of Operations for Heart Clinic Arkansas. In her role as Executive Vice President of Membership & Operations, Lori uses her healthcare background to help our current and prospective members build relationships within the industry and maximize the benefits of MedAxiom's exclusive educational and research support services to improve their programs. Lori also takes her vast operations experience and applies it towards our client practices in the areas of operational efficiency, financial performance, workflow redesign, strategic planning and business development.

To contact, email: lwalsh@medaxiom.com

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