It’s Time to Move Continuing Education Off the Back Burner

Friday, July 26, 2019 | Lori Walsh

We are all trying to juggle careers, families, hobbies, self-care…the list goes on. On top of all of these demands, we must also factor in professional development, something that is often pushed to the back burner by competing priorities. However, in order to stay on top of developments in the ever-changing healthcare field and cardiovascular industry, participating in continuing education is a non-negotiable. Whether it’s in-person or self-directed, the challenge is squeezing it into our busy schedules and taking the lessons learned back to our organizations and colleagues.

The key to successfully participating in continuing education is learning where and when it’s convenient for your schedule. Because I’m constantly on the road and my days are packed solid with meetings, taking part in professional development often slips to the bottom of my to do list. That’s why I love webinars as they allow me to tune in from anywhere, stay apprised of the latest healthcare information, and ahead of trends. I can block off just one hour on my busy calendar and absorb a dense amount of information that makes me better at my job. 

Obviously, webinars are not a new form of education. Almost every organization offers them because they are an effective way of sharing various expert perspectives, communicating complex information and providing a discussion forum. While attending live online presentations is optimal, webinars are also archived so they can be accessed whenever you have time. 

MedAxiom hosts dozens of webinars throughout the year to educate the cardiology community about topics ranging from coding and reimbursement to compensation trends and APP optimization. Each year, MedAxiom Business Office and Coding Network webinars offer approximately 20-22 CEUs, including a December Bootcamp series designed to make it easier for you to fulfill continuing education requirements. Of note, we’ve increased the CEUs offered from 1 to 1.5 per webinar*. Even better news: as a member, you can participate in as many webinars as you would like for free (the fee is included in your membership benefits).

Mark your calendars! Webinar topics planned for August and September include:

  • Navigating Cardiac Device Procedures (August 8)
  • Operational and Reimbursement Strategies for Managing Remote Device Services (August 15)
  • 2020 ICD-10-CM Updates Related to Cardiology and Risk Adjustment Coding (September 19)

My favorite thing about webinars is that they bring our community together with the shared goal of professional and personal development. I hope you can join us soon!

Check out upcoming webinar topics and browse MedAxiom’s archived webinar collection.

*Note: Per regulations, each person has to register individually to obtain CEUs. 

Illustration: Lee Sauer 

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Lori Walsh

With an obvious passion for what she does, Lori has worked in healthcare for nearly 20 years, including nine years as the Director of Operations for Heart Clinic Arkansas. In her role as Executive Vice President of Membership & Operations, Lori uses her healthcare background to help our current and prospective members build relationships within the industry and maximize the benefits of MedAxiom's exclusive educational and research support services to improve their programs. Lori also takes her vast operations experience and applies it towards our client practices in the areas of operational efficiency, financial performance, workflow redesign, strategic planning and business development.

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