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Thursday, October 18, 2018 | Jacob Turmell

Last week MedAxiom hosted the CV Transforum Fall’18 conference in Austin, Texas; there were over 400 attendees including cardiovascular physicians, administrators and industry innovators. The content was rich, provocative and timely, with a heavy focus on the changes in reimbursement, quality initiatives, and operational efficiencies.

While I could spend time recapping the topics and the presentations, I want to focus on what I found to be the most impressive part of this conference. I walked past a sign that said “Where CV Leaders Meet” and I think this summed up the vibe perfectly. One thing I have learned in my years of attending various conferences is that some of the greatest value and deepest insight comes from talking to fellow attendees—whether in the halls, at networking events or in line for coffee. This certainly holds true for this meeting. While the presentations were insightful and inspiring, the hallway conversations about the content and what programs are up to truly show how healthcare will transform.

I overheard people talking about their own experiences with different initiatives and how they pushed through obstacles and barriers. I heard private practices sharing ideas on how to survive in this ever-changing healthcare landscape. There were conversations from small groups looking to learn from some of the larger groups. I saw collaboration between administrators and physicians. It made me realize that we are all innovators in healthcare.

These conversations moved into the night Thursday as we all went to the group dinner. The setting outside on the rooftop was the perfect place to enjoy live music, great food, and the mild weather. I heard people discussing the great keynote talk and the following presentation on telehealth. There were discussions on how to reduce variation based on the afternoon general session talk. And the clinicians discussed how to better care for diabetics based on the last general session. But more than the discussions of the sessions from the day, there was a sense of comradery and partnership as friends caught up with one another and shared stories, laughs, and the occasional glass of wine.

The following day, as we moved into the more intimate Pod group sessions, I could see people ready to share their best practices. The Pods focused on great topics such as improving the quality of care, participation in BPCI Advanced, and APP utilization. I heard many say that the Pods are where some of the best learning occurs.

The afternoon brought general sessions that focused on new payment models and an update from the Cardiology Advocacy Alliance. These were followed by the breakout sessions. I heard many attendees talk about it being difficult to decide which session to attend as they all were applicable to their practice; many groups opted for a divide-and-conquer strategy, sending a person to each session to learn.

The energy and excitement continued Saturday morning with the general sessions on physician culture and BPCI Advanced payment models. For this and the following breakout sessions, the chairs were filled and people continued to engage the conversation.

Throughout the conference, I saw exchanges between MedAxiom members and industry partners. I think as we move toward the healthcare of tomorrow, technology will play a larger role than any of us might really know. This was certainly the case as we heard talks on telehealth and virtual care. I saw the partners listening to members to truly understand their needs. And we heard great feedback on Partner-Member Pulse event, an opportunity for the industry partners to talk one-on-one with the members about current challenges.

I think that all of us left the conference feeling inspired and ready to take on the issues we face, and knowing that we have a network of innovators to support us. Many left with a new set of leadership ideas and tools to help drive change in their program. As we plan the agenda for CV Transforum Spring’19, I know we will continue the dialog on new payment models, clinic optimization, administrative and physician collaboration, and APP utilization. We look forward to learning more with our members and partners then!

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Illustration: Lee Sauer



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Jacob Turmell

Jacob Turmell, DNP, RN, NP-C, ACNS-BC, CCRN-CMC, Vice President, MedAxiom Consulting, is a certified Nurse Practitioner with a strong clinical background combined with years of medical industry experience. While earning his Doctor of Nursing Practice degree, Jacob?s focus on systems leadership gave him expertise in organizational assessment, outcome-driven change management, population health, and public policy. At MedAxiom Consulting, Jacob is focused on care processes redesign and provider team optimization.

To contact, email: jturmell@medaxiom.com

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