Strength in Numbers: Confronting CV Challenges through Community

Thursday, April 12, 2018 | Dana Carpenter

Strength in Numbers: Confronting CV Challenges through Community

There is no shortage of challenges and issues in cardiovascular healthcare today. Many, at times, seem almost insurmountable due to their complexity. And often, there is a sense of not knowing where to begin to tackle a problem, or which issue to address first. That is where our community comes in. At MedAxiom, we have always believed in leveraging the power of our CV community to succeed—no matter what. A perfect example of this is our CV Transforum conference, held twice a year for our members and CV industry partners to exchange ideas, and solutions. The Spring 2018 conference starts today with CV leaders from across the country gathering in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.

We have always believed in leveraging the power of our CV community to succeed—no matter what.

To illustrate how the CV Transforum conferences benefit all who attend, we are sharing the results of a very recent survey of CV leaders—both physician executives and administrators—about their top concerns.  Below are the top 10 issues, in order of importance.

  1. Staffing/Operational Efficiencies
  2. Comprehensive CV Clinical Strategy
  3. Patient Experience
  4. Transition from Volume to Value
  5. Physician Comp Plan
  6. APP Utilization
  7. Recruitment/Workforce Planning
  8. Reducing CV Cost of Care
  9. Determination of Outpatient Market Share
  10. Future Physician Leadership Development

Not surprisingly, each of the above will be explored in depth during this week’s conference—in a General Session, Pre-Conference Session, Breakout Session, or smaller Pod Sessions, and during networking and other socializing events.

Spring Conference Presentation Topics

  • Practice Culture & Physician Leadership
  • Developing an Ambulatory Strategy
  • CV Healthcare Landscape Right Now
  • Re-Engineering our Care Delivery for Value-Based Success
  • CAA Update
  • Achieving the Quadruple Aim: Clinician Satisfaction Equals Engagement and Vice Versa
  • QPP/MACRA Breakfast
  • Physician-Only Breakfast
  • Pathway to Succeeding in a Bundle Program
  • The Future of Interventional Cardiology
  • APP Utilization Panel
  • Variation to Validation: How to Use Your Data
  • Physician Governance Case Study
  • How to Start and A-fib Clinic from Scratch
  • PET Utilization
  • Bundled Payments: Finding Success in Value
  • Legal Perspective: Physician Compensation and Care Team Models
  • Innovative Compensation Model Panel Discussion
  • How to Differentiate Your Program from the Competition
  • Strategies Around New Revenue Streams and/or Cost Saving Ideas
  • Top CV Concerns Round Table: Survey Summary and Discussion

For those of you reading this blog post from the conference, take a moment to be sure you are going to all the sessions that are covering your greatest concerns. For those of you who are not here at CV Transforum Spring’18, stay tuned for more on each subject through this blog, articles and other CV-rich content from MedAxiom.

As our current marketing campaign says, “There is only one way to fix healthcare. Together.”
We look forward to working with all of you to explore the problems and solutions, and find ways to help us all succeed in today’s and tomorrow’s world of CV healthcare.

Please let us know what your top concerns are . . . and what topics you would like to see on the conference agenda for CV Transforum Fall’18, October 11-13, in Austin, TX.



Illustration: Lee Sauer

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