The rapid rise of COVID-19 (coronavirus) cases in the U.S. coupled with the increasing number of medical professionals preparing for and reacting to the outbreak has taxed the healthcare system in recent weeks. Many MedAxiom members are on the frontlines of what the World Health Organization has declared a global pandemic. To support the CV community, MedAxiom has compiled and developed resources for navigating the novel COVID-19 virus and the complex challenges practices and hospitals are facing. This page will be updated daily.
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Article: Reinventing Cardiovascular Care in Two Weeks: An Industry Adapts to a Pandemic

Healthcare as an industry is not known for its speed in making changes, instead being identified as steady and traditional. This is particularly true when considering the patient encounter or office visit; the experience today would largely mirror its corollary from 1980. However, when a worldwide pandemic came crashing down the U.S. provider community – in particular the cardiovascular community – responded in lightning speed. Within a matter of weeks, cardiovascular patient visits using telemedicine went from near zero to 75 percent. This is disruptive change that would make even a startup technology company proud. More importantly, it allowed critical patient care to continue and afforded providers a much-needed reduction in exposure. The reaction by the medical community thus far has been nothing short of heroic and provides a strong reason for optimism at a time when the world needs it most.


Report: Impact of COVID-19 on CV Organizations - Threats, Opportunities and Insights to Navigate the Pandemic

The COVID-19 virus has rocked the healthcare industry, shifting the way care is delivered for years to come. The impact on practices and hospitals was immediate and CV service lines have had to rapidly adapt to a new environment. MedAxiom recently surveyed its members to gain insight into the initial impact of COVID-19 on CV organizations across the country. While the situation continues to unfold and the impact on practices will evolve, a new MedAxiom report provides data and insight into how CV organizations have adjusted to a new normal in a matter of weeks and what actions programs need to take now to ensure viability in the coming months.


Webinar: COVID-19 and the CV Service Line: Updated Telehealth Billing and Operational Considerations – Part 6

Join us for an overview of the latest telehealth coding and billing requirements, including operational impacts, solutions and challenges. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services continues to expand access and reimbursement for telehealth services during the COVID-19 public health emergency. Learn about recent key actions, policies and reimbursement for telehealth in response to this pandemic. Most programs quickly adopted virtual strategies, but are facing lower patient volumes, staffing challenges, etc. Hear from member programs about the "boots on the ground" operational details, including:

  • Identifying when telehealth and virtual care services qualify with Medicare’s COVID-19 rules
  • Differentiating between virtual care and telehealth services
  • Workflows used to assist with transition of daily office schedules (new patients, follow-ups, etc.)
  • Strategies to successfully and compliantly setup and manage patient care during the COVID-19 emergency (triage, revamping waiting areas, staffing, communication, etc.)


Podcast: Staying Calm in the Storm

In an episode of MedAxiom HeartTalk, experts who have been handling COVID-19 from the front lines share their unique perspectives on how to manage the human impact this pandemic is having on care teams and offer advice on staying calm in the storm.


Blog: Make Adaptability A Lasting Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic

“It has been nothing short of amazing to watch the MedAxiom Community respond and react to the coronavirus pandemic.” stated Joel Sauer, EVP, MedAxiom Consulting. In our latest blog he says, “the speed at which major changes have been implemented is breathtaking and the positive impact to cardiovascular patients is immeasurable and worthy of a standing ovation.” Hear why he feels we must continue to be adaptable once the current level of crisis is over.


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