When it comes to cardiac PET – we've seen it all, because we've done it the most.

The healthcare landscape is undergoing a fundamental change. Now more than ever, providers are focused on providing testing in the safest and most effective way possible for the benefit of patients and healthcare workers. Cardiac PET and PET/CT imaging offer a unique advantage over all other traditional in-office based modalities by providing a shortened overall test time, reduced staff-to-patient interaction, procedural distancing with remote monitoring devices, and increased accuracy over traditional alternatives to mitigate additional testing. Healthcare facilities are adapting to updated best practices to keep their patients and clinics safe while continuing to provide exceptional healthcare to those in need.

We know that healthcare budgets are being cut and stretched like never before, which is why every resource must add value to your practice. Our proven approach doesn't just help you provide best-in-class care flexibly and affordably, it's also safer and more accurate.

Over the past three decades, CDL Nuclear has built a reputation as America's leading partner for cardiology groups and imaging centers seeking hassle-free turnkey cardiac PET MPI solutions. More than just a provider, we work closely with you, giving your practice the flexibility and tools that you need to grow – with the top-tier support and business development strategies that you need to thrive. We are the only cardiac PET provider in the nation to offer two unique isotope delivery models to help grow your cardiac PET program at your pace.

You can offer every patient the industry-leading service they deserve by being able to quickly and affordably diagnose cardiac disease and disorders without needing to go off-site. CDL Nuclear helps practices just like yours with every aspect of cardiac PET and PET/CT. Combining our industry knowledge with comprehensive support and guidance, you can see why we're trusted by more groups than any other.  

Partner with us today. See the difference tomorrow.






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Preparing Your Nuclear Imaging Lab During Uncertain Times

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