MedAxiom Team

Cardiovascular healthcare leaders with unparalleled expertise and experience

Executive Leadership Team
Care Transformation
Information Technology
Jerry Blackwell
President and CEO
Lori Walsh
Executive Vice President, Member Services & Operations
Ginger Biesbrock
Executive Vice President, Care Transformation
Joe Sasson
Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, Ventures
Shawn Smith
Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Nicole F. Knight
Senior Vice President, Revenue Cycle Solutions and Care Transformation
Kim Kaylor
Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications
Willa Nizolek
Director, Member Services
Karen Wilson
Vice President, Member Services
Nick Hoback
Membership Development Manager
Lindsey Kronforst
Director, Meetings and Events
Melissa Sanders
Enterprise Project Manager
Susan Thakore
Enterprise Project Manager
Hermon Anthony II
Senior Technical Support Specialist
Justin King
Senior Application - Data Analyst
Caldrick Scott
Application/Data Support Specialist
Christine Matzke
Data Analyst
Breon Butler
Help Desk/QA Specialist
Chris Romeo
Senior Vice President, Ventures
Max Van Arsdale
Director of Industry Partnerships
Claudia Urbano
Vice President, Ventures
Sylvia Rhodes
Operations Manager
Merrick McSwiggan
Art Director
Candice Reineke
Vice President, Creative Services
Leah Hill
Marketing and Communications Manager
Amanda Lazzaro
Digital Marketing Specialist
Laura Bragg
Production Manager
Megan Elkins
Director of Finance
Melissa Runyan
Finance Associate
Cassie Dill, CPC, CCVTC
Revenue Cycle Solutions Coder
Joel Sauer
Executive Vice President, Consulting
Denise Busman
Vice President, Care Transformation
Kevin Mair
Vice President, Care Transformation
Jaime Warren
Vice President, Care Transformation
Vickie Moon
Executive Assistant, MedAxiom Consulting
Katie Willerick
Director, Care Transformation Analytics
Joline Bruder
Revenue Cycle Senior Coding Consultant
Jammie Quimby
Revenue Cycle Senior Coding Consultant
Michelle Platt
Revenue Cycle Solutions Specialty Coder
Angela Boulton
Revenue Cycle Solutions Specialty Coder
Jessica Diem
Administrative Assistant
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