MedAxcess: CV Industry Data

Included In: Organization, Multi-Practice, and Enterprise Membership Packages

MedAxcess is the largest and most powerful cardiovascular-specific database in the country. This proprietary and interactive database allows MedAxiom members to query our extensive data resources on demand and provides a powerful tool for organizations seeking to review, benchmark and interpret their data. Programs can compare themselves against others using over 800 metrics from key areas such as:

  • Provider productivity comparisons
  • Procedure ratios, such as Cath-to-Nuclear ratio or Nuclear-to-Office Encounters ratio
  • Procedure volumes
  • Revenue, expense, profit and number of studies
  • General ledger
  • Staffing comparison
  • Accounts receivable and Payor mix

Contact Lori Walsh at or 870.415.1910 with all of your membership questions.

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