Cambridge Therapeutic Technologies Joins MedAxiom Community as a Corporate Partner

Offers Patient-Centric Medication Adherence Solution to Cardiovascular Practices

Partner News | Published: Wednesday, September 7, 2016 10:00 am

by MedAxiom


MedAxiom is pleased to announce Cambridge Therapeutic Technologies (CTT) as a corporate partner. CTT has developed an innovative, patient-centric medication adherence solution available to cardiovascular practices across the country. CTT’s solution allows cardiologists to directly dispense FDA-approved generic drugs to their patients at the point of care using advanced Compliance PACs.

“MedAxiom believes the Cambridge Therapeutics solution represents the kind of transformational care delivery that will be required for health care providers to succeed moving forward,” said Ryan Graver, president of MedAxiom Ventures, a division of MedAxiom. “As physicians and health systems prepare for alternative payment models, evaluating and transforming how we deliver care will be paramount. The literature is replete with evidence supporting the clinical and economic benefits of improving patient adherence, and now cardiovascular programs will have the ability to bring a solution closer to the patient and truly impact this critical level of achieving success.”

CTT’s medication adherence solution is aimed at providing physicians with the tools and resources they need to impact the health of their patients in a value-based health environment. Research shows that:

  • 125,000 Americans die annually due to poor medication adherence
  • Nearly 2.8 million annual preventable hospital re-admissions result from poor drug therapy, representing costs of approximately $100 billion
  • More than 25% of prescriptions are never picked up by the patient and 50% of prescriptions are not taken as directed

The CTT program also provides a number of benefits to health care providers in light of new mandatory bundled payment and reimbursement programs. “As value-based health care takes hold, physicians and health care organizations will be reimbursed for keeping patients healthy and out of the hospital,” said John Klein, chairman and CEO of CTT. “The CTT solution aims to improve outcomes and help reduce the risk of patients being hospitalized or readmitted to the hospital. Cambridge Therapeutic Technologies is aligning with local pharmacies along with mail order for refills after the initial prescription is dispensed, completing the continuum of care.”

Cambridge Therapeutic Technologies (CTT) is focused on providing a complete solution for medication adherence. Leveraging expertise built on decades of hands-on knowledge from professionals in the pharmaceutical and medical fields, CTT has created a patient–centric solution to improve medication adherence. CTT’s streamlined solution is focused on supporting patients and their relationship with their healthcare providers and network, with the goal of improving health outcomes.

To learn more about this new CV health care initiative, please reach out to your MedAxiom Membership Director: Lori Walsh, Mike Staples or Willa Nizolek.

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