MedAxiom partners with ChronicCareIQ to bring first automated chronic care management system to cardiovascular care providers

Effective remote patient monitoring solutions help reduce cost, hospitalizations and readmissions

Partner News | Published: Tuesday, September 13, 2016 10:00 am

by MedAxiom


New patient engagement technology is moving patient care into the future, as providers adapt to new models of care and payment reform under Medicare. That is why MedAxiom is very pleased to announce a new partnership with ChronicCareIQ, creator of the first automated chronic care management solution.

ChronicCareIQ proactively prompts patients for updates on their health status through their smart phones. Those trending poorly or who have crossed clinical thresholds are brought to staff’s attention on a color-coded dashboard within the office that simultaneously tracks and automates compliance with Medicare’s CCM payment reform. This makes it easier for physicians to engage and manage patients with complex chronic diseases in real time, with the goal of reducing cost, hospitalizations and readmissions.

“We are honored to endorse ChronicCareIQ as a Chronic Care Management (CCM) provider to our membership,” said Joseph Sasson, Ph.D., Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at MedAxiom. “This technology gives physicians and medical staff more touchpoints with their patients, so they’re able to respond quickly if a patient is having complications after leaving a medical facility. It will dramatically improve patient care and control patient costs for our provider members.”

As health care quickly moves from fee-for-service to value-based care, improving outcomes and reducing costs will become essential. Providing solutions that are easy to use for both the patient and the provider creates greater opportunity for success. Customers have reported that ChronicCareIQ’s products offer the right mix of ease and efficiency for patients and providers. 

“We have not had any patient who has not appreciated the service. We’re able to base treatment decisions on much more data than a single office visit provides and have been able to prevent progression of the disease process earlier. Our patients feel more secure and have become more proactive and participatory in their own care,” said Dr. Brian Flowers, Cardiologist, Birmingham Heart Clinic.

Since the launch of the ChronicCareIQ program across the country, patients report feeling ‘more secure,’ knowing the practice has eyes on their numbers. Physicians share that clients feel better cared for and that their teams are better informed. As the program rollout continues this week, ChronicCareIQ will be analyzing more than 20,000 patient-provided data points to help doctors identify which of their at-risk patients need immediate attention.

“In this new era of value-based care, providers are responsible for a patient’s full continuum of care,” said Matt Ethington, President and CEO of ChronicCareIQ. “To be successful, that will require more than episodic awareness of a patient’s status. With patient engagement that averages between 85% and 93% on a weekly basis, our platform is the easy-button solution for true chronic care management. Patients enjoy better health with fewer adverse events, CMS and the payers benefit from reduced costs, staff spend less time on the phone and the practice adds new and significant recurring revenue through Medicare’s CCM program and other quality initiatives.”

To learn more about this new health care innovation, please reach out to your MedAxiom Membership Director: Lori Walsh, Mike Staples or Willa Nizolek.

You may also contact Matt Ethington, President and CEO of ChronicCareIQ, at

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