Molecular Imaging Services Joins MedAxiom as Industry Partner

Provides Most Comprehensive PET and SPECT Support Solutions to Benefit Outpatient Cardiology Organizations

Partner News | Published: Wednesday, January 17, 2018


MedAxiom is pleased to announce its corporate partnership with Molecular Imaging Services (MIS) to help advance value-based CV health care. MIS offers uniquely comprehensive PET and SPECT support services, through a team of clinical and industry experts, to streamline the implementation and accelerate the success of Cardiac PET and SPECT programs.

“MIS will help MedAxiom members by creating and supporting the operational aspects of a successful PET or SPECT program,” said Joe Sasson, PhD, President, MedAxiom Ventures. “Whether their goals are to improve patient care, improve access, or remain independent by providing an ancillary revenue stream, MIS will improve the capabilities of our constituents.” 

With a focus on outpatient cardiology care groups, MIS provides a range of comprehensive programs, from implementation toongoing support services, including clinical training, operational efficiencies, and marketing support. MIS becomes a true partner of cardiology groups, continuing to work closely with them from to achieve long-term success. MIS facilitates relationships with equipment, service, construction and software providers through a variety of low-risk models. MIS fully supports these relationships through installation, implementation, process streamlining and beyond, ensuring a successful transition to PET.

“The field of molecular imaging continues to evolve and MIS is setting itself apart from other imaging support companies by redefining the meaning of turnkey solutions,” said Frank DiGregorio, MIS CEO and Founder. “MIS has assembled a team of industry experts that is focused on delivering comprehensive solutions for our customers. We are excited to join the forward-thinking partners at MedAxiom who are focused on the present and future of nuclear cardiology.

In today’s ever changing health care environment and the day-to-day operational challenges, practices have had to learn to manage more with fewer resources. Adding a new modality like Cardiac PET can seem like a daunting task; that is why MIS provides support at all levels of the practice to effectively and efficiently transition into a successful Cardiac PET program.Through a very hands-on approach, MIS helps grow Cardiac PET and SPECT programs and create a strong revenue stream for cardiologists. Currently working with close to 40 cardiology groups across the country, MIS has a solid record of improving clinical outcomes and efficiency, lowering radiation to staff and patients, and improving profitability.

“MIS has provided our practice excellent support during the development of our office-based cardiac PET imaging,” said John P. Fisher, MD, Bryn Mawr Medical Specialists, Bryn Mawr, PA. “They have proved to be a reliable and trusted partner as we have navigated the medical, technical, engineering, and financial aspects associated with providing this exciting technology for our patients. With a highly-talented staff, MIS has been on site and available during all phases of development, installation, and implementation of our PET system. With the continuing support of MIS, I am confident that we are providing the best and most cost-effective care for our patients. In addition, the ongoing support from Dr. Gary Heller has been invaluable for physician training and peer-to-peer dialogue as we continue to enhance our skills.”

To find out if your organization is positioned to benefit from Molecular Imaging Services, visit www.mismedical or call Mark Wilson, EVP of Sales and Business Development at (703) 608-9584.



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