Your Guide to a Successful BPCI Advanced Journey

News | Published: Monday, February 4, 2019

Congratulations to all of those providers that kicked off Bundled Payments for Care Improvement (BCPI) Advanced in 2018. For those joining in 2020, here’s how to get started.

BPCI Advanced 2020 will be open for enrollment this Spring.


Get BCPI-A Program Details

BPCI Advanced Timeline

The first cohort of BCPI Advanced participants started participating in the model in October 2018. Enrollment opens this spring to participate in the second cohort that begins on January 1, 2020.

Are you ready to take on risk with CMS in BPCI Advanced?

Leaders at CMMI have expressed a desire to have 100% of providers in both upside and downside risk programs by 2025; currently, that percentage is around 30%. As healthcare risk shifts from payers to providers, so too has the responsibility for clinical and financial outcomes. 

Stay ahead of CMMI and join the voluntary BPCI Advanced program before new mandatory bundles arrive. 

Joining BPCI Advanced is a two-step decision

  1. Is your current performance on track for success?

  2. How will you protect your downside?

Make an educated decision now before the open enrollment window begins.


    Archway’s complimentary assessment includes historical data review to assess your financial, clinical, operational needs.

The data you receive from CMS is a wealth of information for your organization. Analysis of this data yields measures of your performance, benchmarking against other organizations, and insights into patient experience in your area.


    Archway Health offers a stop-loss program with an A-rated insurance carrier that uses advanced analytics and sources to provide competitive premiums with maximum coverage.

Healthcare organizations utilize stop-loss insurance, or provider excess insurance, to protect their risk in value-based payment programs. While other programs base premiums on best-guesses, Archway leverages unique national provider data to determine your organization’s real risk levels.

BPCI Advanced Program Details

BPCI Advanced, like other bundled payment programs, rewards clinicians for improving outcomes and lowering costs. Providers will be given an all-inclusive bundle price to cover the inpatient and post-acute care costs during an episode of care. With control of the entire episode, providers have the opportunity to earn additional revenue by improving care management to reduce post-acute costs and readmissions.

  • Voluntary Model
  • A single retrospective bundled payment and one risk track, with a 90-day Clinical Episode duration
  • 29 Inpatient Clinical Episodes
  • 3 Outpatient Clinical Episodes
  • Qualifies as an Advanced APM
  • Payment is tied to performance on quality measures
  • Preliminary Target Prices provided in advance of the first Performance Period of each Model Year

Who is Archway

Archway is a clinical process improvement organization, committed to driving savings and increasing quality in risk-based programs. Our three-pronged approach to risk-based programs— quantify, mitigate, protect—ultimately enables providers to take control of their risk and succeed in value-based payments.

We'll help you answer questions like:

  • Are bundled payments right for me?
  • How do I know it will work?
  • What can I expect as a return?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Does it make care better?
  • When, where, and how do I apply?

BPCI Advanced Webinar Series

Analyzing your BPCI Advanced Data and Target Prices
Webinar from 6/21/18
Hosted by Archway Health and MedAxiom Consulting

Updates from CMS and Details on the New Pricing Methodology
Webinar from 4/26/18
Hosted by Archway Health and MedAxiom Consulting

Strategies for Maximizing Revenue
Webinar from 2/28/18
Hosted by Archway Health and MedAxiom Consulting

This webinar explained how providers can earn an annual 5% bonus under MACRA’s (QPP) Advanced APM payment track by participating in BPCI Advanced, and explored strategies for ensuring eligibility for the 5% bonus. Also provided, was an overview of the required quality measures included in the program and how quality performance impacts shared savings payments.

New Opportunities in Cardiac Outpatient Bundles
Webinar from 2/12/18
Hosted by Archway Health and MedAxiom Consulting

This webinar covered key takeaways about the voluntary BPCI Advanced program and equip providers with information they need to get started in the program. It also included a deeper exploration of opportunities for success in the new cardiac outpatient bundles; see OP PCI data for the first time.

Take-aways from CMS Open Door Forum
Webinar from 1/31/18
Hosted by MedAxiom Consulting and Archway Health

This webinar covered the key takeaways about the voluntary BPCI Advanced program and equip providers with information they need to get started in the program. This webinar also included a deeper exploration of BPCI Advanced episodes with a special focus on the new outpatient CV episodes, PCI and Cardiac Defibrillator.

Preparing for BPCI Advanced
Webinar from 1/15/18
Hosted by MedAxiom Consulting and Archway Health

Webinar Slides

BPCI Advanced Timeline

BPCI Advanced Data Attestation

CMS BPCi Advanced Full Description

BPCI Advanced Application
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