RxVantage adds hassle-free video conferencing for medical practices and life science experts

With Virtual Meetings, you can now run remote meetings with life science experts that are as seamless as meeting in person.

Partner News | Published: Wednesday, April 15, 2020 8:00 am

COVID-19 has prevented or severely limited HCPs' ability to meet with life science experts to discuss the latest product developments and treatment protocols. Though HCPs want or need to remain engaged with reps, they are being overwhelmed by a flood of emails and phone calls from reps and companies, each requesting that the practice use a unique and disparate video platform to communicate with them. Rather than solving the problem, this shift in communications is exacerbating it.

RxVantage is pleased to announce the introduction of Virtual Meetings, giving practices the option to resume meeting with life science experts via video conference in the hassle-free way they've come to expect as RxVantage customers. With one click, practices can switch any existing in-service appointment from in-person to a virtual meeting with 2-way HD video, audio and screen sharing. As with everything they do, RxVantage will save practices time by automating scheduling, reminders and other logistics for Virtual Meetings.

“Very little in life can compare to the value of a face-to-face interaction”, says Joseph Sasson, EVP of MedAxiom Ventures. “The RxVantage tool extends the relationship from the provider to the life sciences representative in a way that facilitates quick, easy, and accurate communication to help providers best meet the needs of their patients. In a remote world we need remote strategies for all parts of a cardiovascular organization. The fact that RxVantage can provide that, and without cost to providers, is a boon to effective operations and communications with life sciences reps.”

For more information, and to get started on RxVantage's no-cost online platform, please contact RxVantage at (866) 464-2157 or go to www.rxvantage.com.

With Virtual Meetings, you can now run remote meetings with life science experts that are as seamless as meeting in person.


Make any meeting virtual

With a single click, easily convert any existing appointment to a Virtual Meeting. Invite your entire care team to join the meeting from anywhere, or schedule a quick, on-the-spot chat for a doctor and a specific life science expert. 

Automatic logistics management

Virtual Meetings are integrated with your RxVantage account so all logistics are fully automated. As with any RxVantage meeting, your custom policies are built into the system and reminders are automatically delivered.

A secure way to meet with experts

Virtual Meetings always take place over a secure connection and your media is never recorded or stored. Access controls, encrypted video transport, unique meeting IDs, role-based permissions, and more deliver the security you need.

No software to install

RxVantage Virtual Meetings are entirely web-based. Secure links allow you and your guests to join a RxVantage Virtual Meeting directly in your preferred web browser.

HD video and audio

Virtual Meetings feature 2-way HD video and audio for crystal-clear communication and screen sharing.



Coming Soon

Digital Sign-in

Automatically log attendees or manually add additional in-room participants for compliance and reporting.

Content Sharing

Quickly access and download any approved content your life science expert shares in Virtual Meetings.

Ratings & Feedback

Customized end-of-meeting surveys help you better understand and optimize the education your team receives.


For more information, and to get started on RxVantage's no-cost online platform, please contact RxVantage at (866) 464-2157 or go to www.rxvantage.com.


Frequently Asked Questions




Will Virtual Meetings follow all the rules I set up - like who can book, etc?

Yes. Virtual Meetings are just like any other appointment on RxVantage. You can set up recurring Virtual Meetings and let your life science experts book online according to the rules you set. The other features that make RxVantage hassle-free like confirmations, reminders, etc. are built right in for Virtual Meetings.

Is this for on-demand meetings or scheduled in-services?

Both! Any meeting can be made virtual with a single click, so it’s easy to convert existing appointments or start a new meeting and assign it to a specific life science expert.

Can I convert a lunch or other catered meeting to a virtual meeting?

Yes! You can indicate your catering preferences for any Virtual Meeting. Your life science expert can see this preference, along with headcount, delivery protocols and any other meal-related notes you have entered in your office settings.

Can every rep use Virtual Meetings?

Virtual Meetings is completely free for everyone to use. Our goal is to help providers and life science experts connect more easily, to improve patient care, especially in light of COVID-19. Some life science companies do not allow their experts to meet online, so we’ve asked those reps to avoid scheduling Virtual Meetings, for now.



A lot of our team is working from home – can they join remotely?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Anyone from your team can join from anywhere on any device. They simply need the secure meeting link. Team members that have been added to your RxVantage Staff directory will receive the secure link via an automated email one-hour before the start of the meeting. We encourage you to add your staff so everyone has easy access to the link.

Do my doctors have to login to join?

No. Your doctors (or anyone from your office) can join from anywhere with the secure meeting link - no login is required. An email reminder with the meeting link is sent one hour prior to a Virtual Meeting, and once in a Virtual Meeting, you can easily add anyone to the meeting with their email address.

Do I have to download anything to use Virtual Meetings?

No! Virtual Meetings are completely web-based and require no software downloads or installs. All meetings launch in your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge).

What if I don't have a microphone or video camera built-in to my device?

If your device doesn’t have a microphone, we suggest you join the meeting from your computer and use the dial-in information included within the meeting details for your audio connection. This way, you can still access any content, screenshares, and meeting functionalities.

Do you offer live support if we have meeting issues?

Yes. Our team is available M-F, 8AM to 8PM ET. While no technology is perfect, we’ve found customers experience very few issues - especially after their first meeting. Many issues are typically a result of poor internet connections, attempt to use in Internet Explorer (not supported) or not having a microphone or video camera on their device. We’re here if you need us.



Is this like other video conferencing tools?

A little because we do offer video conferencing, but the similarities end there. Virtual Meetings is the only video conferencing solution designed specifically for practices to engage with life science experts. Virtual Meetings are fully integrated into RxVantage so all scheduling and logistics management is fully automated, and there is no software to download. We also built in unique features like the ability to select catering preferences, digital sign-in sheets, secure content exchange, and customizable surveys to capture team feedback and optimize your ongoing engagement with life science companies.

What if my reps are using another video conferencing tool?

We built Virtual Meetings so that you could have one consistent, reliable and secure way to meet with all of your reps, as opposed to many different video solutions for many different companies. However, if you prefer to allow each rep to use their preferred solution, we understand and support your decision. The easiest thing is to ask your rep to send you the link via RxVantage Messaging when they confirm the appointment.

Can we record or store these interactions for future use?

No. At this time meetings cannot be recorded. However, your life science experts can share their approved content with you.

How secure are Virtual Meetings?

Virtual Meetings are a completely secure way to meet with life science experts. Meetings always take place over secure connections and your media is never recorded or stored. Access controls, encrypted video transport, unique randomized meeting IDs, role-based permissions, and virtual waiting rooms deliver the security you need.

Are reps able to get attendee lists for Sunshine Act reporting?

Yes. We can pull this report from our database for you, just ask! We have a record of each unique meeting attendee who joins from their device. If multiple people join from one device (i.e. in a break room), we will not have a record of those additional attendees. You can simply message your rep the additional attendee names after the meeting. A new digital sign-in sheet will be available in a few weeks to make this process even easier.



For more information, and to get started on RxVantage's no-cost online platform, please contact RxVantage at (866) 464-2157 or go to www.rxvantage.com.




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