Moonlighting Solutions Remains Fully Operational to Provide Onsite and Virtual Physician Coverage Throughout COVID-19 Pandemic

Partner News | Published: Thursday, April 16, 2020 4:00 pm

Moonlighting Solutions would like to thank all physicians, clinicians, and healthcare leaders who are working tirelessly on the front lines fighting the pandemic every day, especially physician moonlighters.

The Moonlighting Solutions corporate team of recruiters and account managers are working remotely nationwide to help meet demand and to keep your physician moonlighting program running as smoothly as possible.

Additionally, telemedicine demand is growing rapidly as it provides a safe, effective mode of patient care in light of the highly contagious virus. Depending on your location, specialty, and payor/patient mix, some restrictions and regulations have been relaxed to facilitate telemedicine care during the pandemic, allowing implementation of a new telehealth service in a matter of days, in some cases.

Set Up a New Account to Obtain Physician Coverage Onsite or Virtually

The physician network of active and recently active moonlighters is ready to help your staff physicians manage this crisis. Moonlighting Solutions can help match you with physician moonlighters and get them in the door and working ASAP by providing all the necessary administrative legwork including:

  • Recruiting – Moonlighting Solutions will contact, vet and contract with physicians
  • Licensing – Moonlighting Solutions has licensing expertise for licensure and prescribing registrations in all states
  • Credentialing – Moonlighting Solutions provides:
    • ID check
    • AMA background check (for minimal fee)
    • FSMB license verification (for minimal fee)
    • Practice history

Please contact Mike Guenther directly to discuss your urgent staffing needs and to schedule physicians who are ready to work as soon as possible: (908) 783-0678.

(Note: If you have an account with Moonlighting Solutions already, please contact your account manager directly for any questions or needs.)



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