Philips Integrated Cardiovascular Solutions Helps CV Programs Deliver Consistent, High Quality, Cost-Effective Care

Partner News | Published: Thursday, June 24, 2021

As the pandemic recedes and more patients seek care, health systems will face more complex patient pathology due to the delayed procedures as well as mounting deficits that will accelerate the need to reduce costs and shift to value-based care. As a result, health system and clinical service line leaders are grappling with how to manage effectively amidst uncertainty 

Philips Integrated Cardiovascular Solutions (ICS) is a dynamic, long-term strategic partnership in which health systems work collaboratively with dedicated and sometimes embedded teams of Philips solution architects to identify root causes of challenges and tailor a unique approach to address them. A Philips ICS partnership, a long-term relationship comprised of building on common goals and earning mutual trust, combines an integrated ecosystem of proven CV products with services and financial models to address these complex challenges and achieve operational excellence.

Key Benefits

  • Elevate clinical performance
  • Boost operational efficiency
  • Delver data-driven change
  • Strategize for long-term success

Download the ICS White Paper to learn more about a shared accountability model that fosters continuous engagement and commitment to outcomes.

Medaxiom, ACC and Philips Collaborate to Shape the Future of Cardiovascular Care Delivery

In March, MedAxiom, the American College of Cardiology (ACC) and Philips announced a collaboration to deliver timely and actionable information along with guidance to align physicians, operations and finance stakeholders. The goal of the collaboration is to drive significant performance improvements in integrated cardiovascular care in terms of the patient and care provider experience, clinical outcomes and productivity. 

Built on a foundation of aligned purpose, strategic fit and complementary visions, collaboration between the organizations to bring forward longitudinal solutions and next-generation business models in cardiovascular care has already begun. MedAxiom, the ACC and Philips have identified inadequacies exposed by COVID-19 and have used this knowledge to help cardiovascular groups begin to reframe their cardiovascular care delivery.

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