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Connecting industry innovators with the nation’s leading CV provider community.

Benefits of MedAxiom industry partners


MedAxiom Ventures works to advance cardiovascular healthcare transformation by helping our Industry Partners effectively communicate with members of the MedAxiom community. Creative and innovative solutions from MedAxiom Industry Partners support the fulfillment of our mission to help member organizations deliver improved value by driving cost out of their systems and increasing efficiencies while improving the quality of care. 

Partner Benefits

Transformational Strategies

  • Develop workgroups to demonstrate best practices with technology
  • Create care pathways to operationalize technology
  • Shape the value discussion as the new normal of healthcare unfolds


  • To decision-makers and key opinion leaders in cardiac healthcare
  • Progressive practices, hospitals and health systems across the country
  • Cardiovascular Service Line leaders and clinical executives

Data/Survey Findings

  • 600+ Data Points
  • Ability to query interactive database
  • Understand key market trends
  • Trending data of 15+ years
  • Develop insights and targeting which inform your market strategies


  • Stay current on key policy changes
  • Understand how policy will impact your customers business


  • Webinars
  • Focus Groups
  • Educational sessions at conferences
  • Populate Knowledgebase
  • Spotlight Presentations at conferences
  • Regional Events
  • Sales Force Training

 Efficient Marketing

  • Leverage a peer to peer model of sharing best practices
  • Exhibiting at conferences
  • Focus Groups
  • Electronic Direct Mailings
  • Online Buying Guide
  • Videos of Partner solutions and customers

Community Involvement

  • Develop CVSL Advisory Boards
  • Receive the same Information CV Leaders rely on to shape their strategies
  • Social Networking Events

Smart. Shared. Success.


Sharing knowledge and optimizing the best information in today’s evolving and competitive healthcare market is critical to your success. MedAxiom is the country’s leading membership-based support and service provider for cardiovascular programs.

- A Partner's Perspective: What's Unique about MedAxiom & CV Transforum?

The MedAxiom Conference and Corporate Partner retreat always presents an ideal opportunity for me to get up-to-date information on industry issues. I can also spend quality time with customers and potential customers on business concerns that I can help them resolve through implementation of NextGen’s Cardiology EMR and Practice Management products.

- Deb Dore, Director of Cardiology Products

- Power of the MedAxiom Network: Partner Testimonials


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