Effective leadership is a bedrock element of any successful organization and especially so in times of emergency, such as during the reemergence from the COVID-19 pandemic. This chapter of the MedAxiom Cardiovascular Care Reemergence Playbook is intended to provide the leadership of organizations up to date and practical guidance for guiding the safe and effective resumption of services and patient care. The content here will be culled from governmental, clinical societies, legal firms and the MedAxiom community to allow for up to date access to financial resources and expert guidance for making decisions within your organization.


The ACC joined with more than 40 other medical societies on a joint statement with the Infectious Diseases Society of America calling on "federal, state and local authorities to adhere to evidence and public health expertise in making decisions on when to lift measures that include shelter-in-place orders and closures of non-essential businesses." The statement calls for leaders to use regional and local data to gauge preparedness levels and ensuring "capacities for widespread testing, contact tracing, patient management and the public health and health care workforces and medical supplies."

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