Revenue Cycle Solutions


Consulting Services


  • Long term, temporary or gap coding support for unexpected staff shortages
  • Professional coding abstraction, analysis and assignment
  • Turnaround time of 3-5 business days based on the availability of the required information
  • Coder accuracy rates of 95% or higher
  • Education and training of staff and physicians

  • Includes all cardiovascular, CT and vascular surgery services and programs
  • LEAN end to end revenue cycle process review and improvement plan
  • Staffing metrics, review and optimization
  • Key performance, productivity, quality and accuracy indicators

  • CPT/ICD-10 analysis and report
  • Customized score cards
  • Bell curve analysis

  • Physician and APP customized education
  • Risk adjustment analysis, education and tools
  • Outpatient clinical documentation improvement program development
  • Create and facilitate a compliance program

  • Current state and future state of charge capture processes
  • Review codes for accuracy, mapping, and validity including review of charge descriptions, revenue codes and fees
  • Charge description review and analysis

  • Evaluation, prioritization and project management
  • In the weeds operational support


Academy Courses

The MedAxiom Academy is designed to help coders, billers, clerical teams/leaders, administrators and clinicians advance CV care and optimize their organizations. The Academy features courses led by industry experts that educate and empower the entire cardiovascular care team to succeed in today's rapidly changing healthcare environment.


MedAxiom produces and hosts numerous educational webinars throughout the year to support knowledge sharing within the cardiovascular healthcare community.

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CV Tools and Code Card Collection

MedAxiom’s CV experts help keep your coding and documentation accurate with code cards and other CV tools.


Listen as CV leaders discuss today’s most innovative ideas and pressing challenges.


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