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Compensation in the Cardiovascular Practice in 2020

Find insights on compensation trends for cardiovascular providers and advanced practice providers, as well as an early look at how COVID-19 impacted practices in this Cardiac Interventions Today article.

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Taking Care of Patientsí Hearts During Cancer Treatment: Collaborative Oncology and Cardiovascular Care

In the latest issue of ACC’s Cardiology magazine, MedAxiom’s Ginger Biesbrock, PA-C, MPH, MPAS, AACC, and Archway Health’s Keely Macmillan take a deep dive into collaborative oncology and cardiovascular care, providing an analysis of Medicare claims data. “Addressing the cardiovascular health of the oncology patient population equates to better, more thorough care management of the population, and can help avoid costly and potentially preventable cardiovascular-related admissions for patients already navigating the challenges of an oncology diagnosis,” the authors note

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The Vexing Challenge of Physician Slowdown: How to Create an Effective Policy

Like perennial flowers appearing in the spring, each and every year the thorny issue of physician slowdown breaks into the top five concerns for cardiovascular group and program leaders. In this issue of ACC’s Cardiology magazine, Joel Sauer, executive vice president, MedAxiom Consulting, shares that creating a solid physician slowdown policy is complex but not impossible and available data can help the process.

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The Importance of Ongoing Education to Maximize Your Revenue Cycle in Uncertain Times

As the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect daily program operations, maintaining accurate coding and clinical documentation is vital for managing operating margins, revenue collection and reimbursement. In this issue of ACC’s Cardiology magazine we explain how investing in ongoing education will allow your program to more easily cross-train coders as services continue to evolve to meet patient demand beyond the current PHE. 

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Adaptability as a Permanent Attribute of Health Care

In this Cardiac Interventions Today article Joel Sauer, Executive Vice President MedAxiom Consulting shares his perspective on the need to embrace a culture of adaptability in health care to ensure its continued success.

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It's Time to Think Differently About Access: Success Requires More than Operational Change

Hear why access continues to be top concern for cardiovascular programs amid the current pandemic in an article featured in the latest issue of Cardiology magazine. The article includes an excerpt from MedAxiom’s white paper “It's Time To Think Differently About Access: Success Requires More Than Operational Change,” explaining why culture matters when working to solve access problems.

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Dyad Leadership Model: Walking the Talk

Given the complex nature of healthcare and the many unknowns introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic, effective governance and leadership is likely to become even more important than usual for organizational vitality and viability. In this issue of ACC’s Cardiology magazine, MedAxiom underscores the importance of a dyad leadership model for guiding and managing healthcare organizations. “A strong dyad leadership approach has never been more important than now, as the COVID-19 pandemic challenges the way cardiovascular care is delivered. Together, physician and administrator leaders can shepherd their organizations through the transition and ensure success in the ‘new normal.’”

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When It Comes to Open-Door Access, Culture Matters

In this Cardiac Interventions Today article Joel Sauer, Executive Vice President MedAxiom Consulting and Ginger Biesbrock, Senior Vice President MedAxiom Consulting explain the importance of having governance and leadership structures in place that support a culture of access to ensure efforts to improve in this area are successful.

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Physician-Hospital Alignment Still Eludes Many Integrated Programs

Although healthcare change is moving at a rapid pace, the most pressing issues have remained somewhat stagnant for the last few years, with physician-hospital alignment models and strategies consistently ranking in the top three. In a Cardiac Interventions Today article, MedAxiom's Joel Sauer, MBA, and Terri McDonald, RN, MBA, CPHQ, discuss the foundational attributes required for aligning a CV program. 

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Reinventing Cardiovascular Care in Two Weeks: An Industry Adapts to a Pandemic

Despite staggering COVID- 19 statistics, the cardiovascular specialty united to transform cardiovascular care, together. This article underscores how community is at the core of the industry’s ability to adapt and innovate and details how administrators and clinicians came together like never before to learn from each other, support each other, and advocate for resources and support.

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Managing The Shift To Elective PCI In The ASC Setting

In a Cardiac Interventions Today article, MedAxiom’s Terri McDonald, RN, MBA, CPHQ, explains CMS CY 2020 changes that indicate an expectation to provide lower-cost interventional care in the nonhospital ambulatory setting and what CVSL leaders should consider as they build their strategies. 

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MedAxiomís MedAxcess Database Helps Organizations Benchmark, Evaluate Efficiencies and Set Goals

At the heart of MedAxiom is MedAxcess, the largest and most powerful cardiovascular-specific database in the U.S. In this issue of ACC's Cardiology magazine, hear how this proprietary and interactive database allows member organizations to query extensive data resources on demand and provides a powerful tool for organizations seeking to review, benchmark and interpret their data.

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