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MedAxiom Reports highlight the latest CV industry data, trends and analysis to help hospitals and practices thrive.

Interim Staffing Solutions Survey Report

National shifts in the healthcare industry, including a move toward value-based reimbursement and provider risk, along with new non-traditional provider competitors, has created an urgent need for transforming the care delivery model. On top of this COVID-19 has shifted organizational priorities and strategies, putting staffing and workforce development in the forefront. MedAxiom surveyed its membership in March 2021 to better understand hiring insights and workforce trends to help CV programs navigate unprecedented times. These survey results helped to shape a new offering – MedAxiom Talent Solutions. Cardiovascular Expertise. Delivered. – that connects healthcare organizations with seasoned cardiovascular experts backed by the entire MedAxiom team.

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2020 Cardiovascular Provider Compensation & Production Survey

MedAxiom’s eighth annual Cardiovascular Provider Compensation and Production Survey contains comprehensive data and analysis for cardiovascular organizations facing a new normal amid effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The data findings reveal important trends across cardiology, surgery, advanced practice providers and non-clinical compensation as many programs are reevaluating compensation models and the definition of work productivity.

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2020 Cardiovascular Advanced Practice Provider Compensation and Utilization Report

In this first annual Cardiovascular Advanced Practice Provider (APP) Compensation and Utilization Report Ginger Biesbrock, SVP MedAxiom Consulting, outlines current trends in APP roles and responsibilities, productivity, staffing ratios, hours, compensation and much more.

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Survey: Impact of COVID-19 ON CV Organizations

MedAxiom recently surveyed its members to gain insight into the initial impact of COVID-19 on CV organizations across the country. While the situation continues to unfold, a MedAxiom report provides data and insight into how CV organizations have adjusted to a new normal and what actions programs need to take now to ensure viability.

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2019 Report: Cardiovascular Provider Compensation & Production Survey

The highly sought-after resource for cardiovascular and healthcare decision makers navigating the volume-to-value shift taking place in the industry. It features the latest data, trends, and analysis you can get only from MedAxiom.

Highlights Include:

  • Overall total cardiology compensation increased 3 percent year over year, reaching the second highest total since 2012

  • Electrophysiologists are once again the top earner

  • Heart failure cardiologist compensation ($441,845 per FTE), reported for the first time, is 10 percent lower than general non-invasive compensation

  • The income gap between physicians in private vs. integrated groups narrowed to 3.5 percent

  • There are more cardiologists age 61 and over than ever before (about 1 in 4)

The specificity of this data can’t be found anywhere else in the country. The report shows cardiology-specific compensation and production information drilled down to:

  • Integrated vs. Private
  • Subspecialty Comparisons
  • Regional Comparisons
  • Key Volumes
  • Surgical Data
  • Non-Clinical Data

Plus, this exclusive report includes:

  • Timely Articles
  • In-Depth Analysis of Trends

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