Our Mission

MedAxiom is committed to making U.S. cardiovascular health care #1 in the world.

As the nation's leading cardiovascular performance community, MedAxiom provides expert consulting, networking and membership services including data analytics, program excellence tools and educational events to improve business and patient care outcomes.

In 2001, Jennifer Linville, CEO, took a “united we stand” approach to changing and improving the health care industry by forming MedAxiom. Today, this community-based organization is led by a team of cardiovascular industry executives, administrators and clinicians who help its members, clients and partners navigate the complexities of modern health care delivery.

Leverage the power of the MedAxiom community as we achieve the Triple Aim of Health Care:

Trying to run your practice without benchmarking yourself externally is like trying to fly an airplane without instruments. You may be flying, but are you going at the right altitude and in the right direction?